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New Splayer 2020 no good#686

  1. I absolutely loved the old version, been using it on three PCs for 6 years. I like the border. The new one has no border. I hate the new one. I like the right click functions of the old one, I was perfect, why changed it completely, why? Why! The new one does not even have “information” to show the video and audio compositions. And all the functions clicks are different. I absolutely hated it! I just want the old version to be able to play 265 and nothing else to be changed. You provided a separate 265 for old version but how to install it into the old version? I downloaded and it automatically installed but nothing happened, the old one still does not play 265. All in all, could you simply reissued the old version that can play 265? That’s all that is needed.
a month ago