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Why not use all the features of splayer 3.7?#674


I do not understand why you insist on putting so few options. I am an absolute fan of splayer 3.7, which I actually stopped using because it no longer works correctly. I have come to use potplayer as my default player, unable to find the new version of splayer user-friendly. I check splayer updates from time to time and see that you continue to insist on keeping its interface to a minimum. It’s a shame for users like me who find little interest in your new version. If ever you take the time to put as many options as in version 3.7, I will not hesitate to contact you to suggest that you translate it into French because I see that this is still not the case. I manage the software of more than 10,000 computers in my company, I still do not integrate your software because I am too disappointed with its interface.

a month ago