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Splayer App for Mobile and Android TV#57


Please make Splayer App for Mobile and Android TV

Splayer is my Favourite app. and I never like to use any other player to watch videos. Codec request also you fulfilled, now only wish to have Splayer like all features to be used in Mobile and AndroidTV with all feature, settings, functions, and codec support for smooth performance on Android…please

Hope it supports HEVC videos..and I should be able to zoom screen size vertically to hide black bars while watching movies

2 years ago

Thanks for sharing your feedback. Currently, our new SPlayer beta is only available on Windows and macOS. Much more resources are needed if we want to explore on other platforms, but we will still consider supporting more in the future. :D And yes, both SPlayer and SPlayer beta support HEVC/H.265 (for SPlayer, you can download H.265 Decoder from the official site), though there might be some performance issues that needs to be optimized for the new SPlayer beta (Good news is that we are working on it now).

2 years ago

‘Zooming screen size vertically to hide black bars’ is a good idea, Feautres like adjusting aspect ratio are needed to support it, and we will take it into consideration. For the new SPlayer beta, it will keep the original video aspect ratio to avoid generating black bars unless you enter into full screen.

2 years ago
Merged into 开发移动端SPlayer (Support for Mobile)#81
2 years ago