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Add'on and Fix#450


I liked SPlayer from the first minute when I discovered and used it. I talk about the first SPlayer Software. And this version is so GOOD.
All time I was checking on the website if a new version were available, after the 3.7.
And YES now you made my day.
Now I used the new version since 2 month… And it’s good.
I liked SPlayer particularly because his ergonomy. Dont change that. =)

Wishes for the new version.

Add 1: Can you please add a program for play Netflix on. The composant WidevineCdm is missing on the software. We cannot watch a video Netflix on SPlayer. I think it would good to add it.
Adding it to your subscription premium would be a idea or free if you want.

Add 2: Can you please add also something for change the background.

Fix 1: Can you please fixed some Subtitles errors. Sometime some subtitle texts are not displayed.

Fix 2: Can you please fixed the Audio. With windows you can assign a specific audio output to software in the windows settings. But sometime it’s broken.
When I play a video the sound of the video starts directly on the audio output by default, and I have to re-effect the change manually or wait a few minutes for the software to assimilate this change alone.

I dont know if you understand what I means or if you can fixed it.
Or you can probably add a option directly for that. A option for switch the audio output.

Anyway your software is also good. Thx for make it.
First time i made a feedback for a software. =)

a year ago

@Chaerry Baeker

Hi Baeker,

Thanks a lot for describing your use case! Glad that you like it!

Add 1. We will need to experiment more with playing Netflix videos and find a way to make it work.

Add 2. At the time of writing, a new light theme with a cleaner appearance is being designed. So a new background is coming soon, Stay tuned! However, let us know if your idea is to set your own image file instead of the default one as the background.

Fix1. For those subtitles that cannot be displayed properly, plz attach them here. We need the source file to reproduce the issue and then try to resolve it. (If it is embedded, we might need the video file. You can send us the download link via

Fix2. Am I understanding correctly that you’d like to set different devices (or softwares) for sound output? Basically, the application does not have many advanced settings, especially for audios. We will think more about this.

There has been no forum or community for global users to exchange ideas and feedback by far. It would be great if you could give us your e-mail address or other contacts (e.g. instant messenger), by which we are looking forward to hearing more about your use cases and valuable suggestions. (BTW, We are thinking about creating a subreddit “SPlayer” on Reddit”)

Thank you!

a year ago
Changed the status to
Planned | 计划
a year ago


Thank you for answering my message.

Add 2. Yes, indeed, I would like to be able to personalize the background with my own images, if that is in your projects. After that remains only comfort and not essential for the moment.

Fix 1. I send you the torrent link of the video, downloadable on the website if that suits you.

Fix 2. As in the image file I sent.
Among other things, when I assign any audio output to SPayer from the Windows audio settings, it works for a while.
If I close SPlayer and restart it to watch a video, the Windows audio modification setting is no longer taken into account, despite the fact that it has not been reinitialized.
Suddenly, I am obliged to put back the audio output that I had chosen at the beginning, and that, every time I restart Splayer.

If you can settle this it would be great and as I would have liked on my first feedback. In which case, why not have SPlayer manage this function himself rather than going through Windows settings.

My e-mail:

Waiting for the SubReddit.

See you.

a year ago