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提高音量至 500% (Volume up to 500%)#147


volume control by up and down arrows is gone.
please bring it back.
and ad %1000 volume feture like before (v3)

2 years ago

Thanks for your feedback.

We have modified “step forward/back 60s” shortcuts from combined keys (Alt + left arrow / Alt + right arrow) to “arrow up/down”, because in most of the conditions, you can use mutiple ways to control the volume, e.g. Mousewheel, Function keys, Touchpad/Touchbar. However, step forward/back is a more frequently used feature with few ways to control, so we change it back to the keybind that we set in the legacy version.

And yes, we will think about allowing users to adjust volume higher than 100%.

2 years ago
Merged into 希望尽快增加音量放大功能#312
a year ago
Changed the title from "volume control" to "提高音量至 500% (Volume up to 500%)"
a year ago